Everybody loves ice cream and the best ice cream shop can give you the experience of happiness. Even, we are addicted to eating an ice cream because it’s gives happiness in every taste of it. Filipino’s love to give effort and time to the things that makes them happy. So we decided to make ice cream shop where all the ages can eat the ice cream. As such an excerpt from brainyquote, Ice cream is the perfect buffer because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. People have an emotional response to ice cream and started to take of this “it’s more than just food”. So the Filipino’s think when they combine caring and eating wonderful food that would be a very powerful combination. That’s the reason why we have called dessert.


The X and Why’s of Retap Ice Cream

Most of the people always look to the benefits that they will get and the taste of the food. So we analyst and criticized the ideas to makes the ice cream healthy. The X is a sign of warning or stop,  so that’s why the owner of Retap Ice Cream studied the new formula or recipe to makes the ice cream health and non-chemical used. And proceeded in many tests to make sure the ice cream is healthy for our health.

We give a sample taste to the students and workers and they started to love it and addicted. Not because it’s only delicious but also healthy. All people that tasted our ice cream, especially those bitter always said this our tagline: “It’s never too cold retap your heart!”. So what are you waiting for? Buy now and be the one to experience the happiness in every taste of our ice cream.

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Showing all 9 results