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Retap Ice Cream is owned by Ms. Cabria Ailene. She lives in St. Joseph Village II, Brgy. Sto.Tomas City Binan, Laguna. This is the story behind where her business started. 

“It was started, one day I asked my father how I could harden the ice cream because he was young when he worked in dirty ice cream. Incidentally that we will sell the land, I was surprised 2 days ago the land was bought.  My dad used the money to buy the ice cream machine because he couldn’t do it manually. He suggested that the name of our business is RETAP. Then I said why RETAP, that’s the opposite of his name Pater. I’m fine with that because it sounds retap, or again or add … then the logo based on my name’s initial, and Apa logo was formed.

I gradually studied how ice cream would be smooth. I look at the kids then I realize 80-90 percent of the children did not eat vegetables. So I was inspired to say why not vegetables turn into ice cream and another strange ice cream as well. Since college, I am already involved in helping the foundations. Just like when I am a student assistant at Adamson University we are more on to feeding program. Until I represent a multiple birth foundation of Nay Natalie Palanca at the Gusi Peace Prize International Foundation. Then I meet the ambassadors from different countries, because of Nay Natlie. Nay Natlie and Sir Ambassador Gusi are close friends. In every cup that you buy, it’s equivalent peso per cup. And that portion is also donated to the foundation or feeding program …

Retap located Mostly where there is Don Sisigan Restaurant/canteen at Malayan College Southpoint, Don Sisigan at the University of Perpetual Help Binan, University of Cabuyao Avenue, Colegio San Agustin with Mommy Dons Foodhub, More Schools, and Companies, and Hopefully every town soon, and we are open for dealers and resellers.”