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Welcome to Retap Ice Cream!



First time in a history that ice cream can be turned into vegetables flavor, like Carrot ice cream, Gabe ice cream, Malunggay ice cream and Pipino Ice cream…that can be most better in our children. Hows my head imagine that even sick people can eat ice cream which is more in demand is to make a healthy lifestyle. And how about pure fruits like Avocado, Dragon fruits, Mango, Taro, Vanilla, Ube and most given Bubblegum, Cookies n’ cream, Rocky road, Salted caramel, and much more different flavored soon!!! there’s more
And we have made with chili, Try the ice cream on waffle crepes, Icecream on different toppings and Ice cream at different flavors…Located at Binan Laguna… Share the Spice!!!


Its yours,
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