Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. The way it is understood and implemented differs greatly for each company and country. Moreover, CSR is a very broad concept that addresses many and various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and contribution to economic development. Whatever the definition is, the purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.

-This CSR meaning is taken from lexicon.ft


Retap Ice Cream Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

 Our company purpose is to help the environment and contribute to a healthier future. The Retap Ice Cream employee and their families in the community achieved to practice the corporate social responsibility in a simple way. We also share the love for those who live on the street especially the children. Giving some food and ice cream can make them happy in simple things just like that.
Since we love to share help to others, we also help the foundation that we selected here in our community. Soon we will help the other foundations as the growing up of our business. Customers can help to the foundations thru buying our product in our webshop or store. In every purchase of our product, there is a portion that gets to help the foundation.
The environment is very important too… So Retap Ice Cream is caring for the environment.  We totally observe and practice the waste management. Retap Ice Cream aims to achieve the deep environmental concern.
People have an emotional response to environment care and started to take actions “how they can help the environment in a simple way?”. So the Filipino’s think, when they combine caring and give importance to the environment, can save our mother earth.
These simple ways can reduce the destruction of nature. Retap Ice Cream will do this simple ways to save the environment.