Buy your own flavor!

Want to buy your own flavor? Or probably do you want to try some different flavors in your cone… Well, you’re in right place! We offer a made to order services for those who want to try their favorite foods; just like fruits and vegetables. You are probably thinking by now that this kind of service is awesome! Because now, you might think about what foods that do you like the most can be converted into ice cream. And for your information, we also convert the drinks like soft drinks, wine and more.

Try to combine flavors that you want or try convert your favorite food/drink into ice cream. Try now! And change to discover a perfect combination of flavors or discover a new flavor that you will love it.


Just fill up the form and submit it. Once we received it, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Note: That made to order services will take 2 to more business day after you send and verify your order. The duration of your order will defend in the availability of the flavor. And take note that you can get your made to order in our shop.