Blog about Vegetable Flavors

This blog about vegetable ice cream. What benefits or advantage that you will get of eating a vegetable ice cream?… and Why we need to eat vegetables?


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You might be thinking about why I need to eat vegetables? I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t like vegetables!… That’s words always pop up in your mind especially in kids and teens. And that’s the reason why some parents look for the other options in “how my children would eat this vegetable? “. It’s too hard to be a parent because this is the biggest role in our life. Being a parent is not easy than you think. To be a good parent to your children’s, you need to think about what is the best for your children’s. And that one starts in the food that they will need to eat.
Vegetables are the good source of vitamins for our body. As parents or guardians, we both know that eating vegetables can help our body to be healthy and also give a longer life. That’s why we want them to eat vegetables. Some parents have trouble to feed vegetables to their children. And the easiest way to make them feed vegetables is by converting this into juice, milkshakes and other more.
Since children and adults were like eating an ice cream. Retap Ice Cream started to convert this vegetable into an ice cream. We will make sure that parents will love this. Because our children will love to eat these vegetables now thru an ice cream flavors. And this not for the children only but also for adults like senior citizens. So what are you waiting for? Buy now!