About Retap Ice Cream

Retap Ice Cream makes different, unique flavors for the customers.  Then sell it to our partners like schools and companies even in the markets, who want to resell our products. We are assertive even the opinionated will enjoy on our products. We are also gold-oriented to purposeful in our goals.

Retap Ice Cream are decisive in any kind of problems so the customers will be satisfied with our products and services.  We are now a growing store here in Laguna and soon to the other place in the Philippines.


Retap Ice Cream is a small Food business. Where we giving a free taste in schools and companies before we deal for partnership. Through Social Media, our store was growing faster and started to franchise in a different location in Laguna. What makes us different is, we are not just selling ordinary ice cream but, we also offer you affordable and competitively delicious products not only in common flavors. But also in unique flavors like cucumber, which can be bought in store’s and in our resellers.


Filipinos like to eat ice cream in summer and dessert for dinner. Retap Ice Cream wanted to bring you a new taste of different unique ice cream flavors that make you addicted to it, when it comes to taste and quality we are proud to introduce our product to be one of the best ice cream in our country soon.  From the flavors to the taste and the ingredients of our product, we assured you that our products are also fresh and no chemical used.


We are gold-oriented that means we are focusing on a specific outcome and focused until we reach the finish line. Staying rooted in lasting qualities of substance, such as courage, intelligence, and work ethic will be the way to success in our business. We want to grow our store as well as to help grow the community.


Retap Ice Cream is giving an opinion to taste our unique ice cream flavor and give an opinion of it. So we can improve it and satisfied you in the flavors that you want.  So what are you waiting? Taste it and grab the chance to taste some unique cool flavors that you may not taste before!